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Matza Enterprises is the parent company for a group of online retailers and marketing sites  including ‘Free On-line Event Advertising site’,  . We also supply the retail trade through our wholesale brand ‘Matza Wholesale’. Matza Enterprises is one of The UK’s fastest growing online retailers.


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The most effective marketing strategies are multi-channeled and build brand awareness across various mediums. Natural search engine optimisation is a process applied to a website to increase the number of visitors by gaining high rankings on the leading search engines.

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Our research team continues to explore new and unique flavours to add to our retail line.

We've always had one aim; to make convenient  and high end gourmet brands more accessible, so that everyone from the desk bound city slicker to those living way out of town could all buy their favourite condiments and food brands at the click of a button! If you are interested in working in conjunction with us as a supplier or in any form of partnership ...


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Content Management Website

Our "Content Management Website" package is one of the best options for most businesses! Not only does it give you a well designed professional web presence but you also get full control via a back-end management system over the content on the website. It has never been easier to create your own dynamic Web site. Manage all your content from the best CMS admin interface and in virtually any language you speak. The hundreds of available Extensions will help to expand your site and allow you to deliver new services that extend your reach into the Internet.

If done well, your website will be the best salesman you’ve ever had.

 You need to give people a reason to come back to your site; if they like it they might even tell other people about it. If done well, your website will be the best salesman you’ve ever had. Well, if done badly then it’ll cost you a lot and you won’t see a penny in return.

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